Love in Bodega - Alayna and Brayden Pt. 1

I’m gonna get a bit personal here for a sec…

Well…to first start this off, I gotta say this shoot was definitely not recent. More like a year ago. Not to bore you all with all the details for the reasons why I decided to blog about this shoot just now. Basically 2018 was an awesome year of a lot of work, weddings, and definitely editing a gazillion photos non stop. A lot of new things were opened up to me with how I look at my work and one thing I struggled with in 2018 was finding a voice in my work. Well anyways, to say that I found a voice is an understatement, but really though where everything is going…I’m honestly loving the journey and where I’m at right now with how I look at my business and everything I do with photography now is way more refreshing. So main reason why I post this now and most likely will be posting a bunch more shoots from last year now is because I recently came to a new editing look to my photos. Something that I’ve been in the process of changing during the entire year of 2018. Could say the least, it’s definitely something I’m way more happier to share with you all now.

Well here it is, probably the coolest and thrilling peeps I’ve ever gotten to work with. We started off the day by shooting at the VRBO they stayed at and then moved our way to get some dinner at the good ole “The Dog House”. If you ever been to Bodega Bay and you miss out on The Dog House, I mean you’re just missing out on a whole experience of being at Bodega Bay…not much else to add to that. 🤷‍♂️We then just headed to the coast where there were awesome views, golden lights, like hella wind…actually just go check out the photos below I’m done with words.

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