Northern California Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I’m Mark! Proudly living in Sacramento California and forever loving it here. My drive for photography is the raw and subtle moment I can capture from a person. There’s always something new to discover in photography and love stories have always been the most satisfying thing to photograph. Every emotion, every detail that was carefully planned for, and all the people that are attending…I mean it’s not just another event that’s being covered, it’s life! And honestly I am more interested in what you think of the photos years from now than when you first see them.

Feel free to look around for more of my work. I am always interested in connecting with my couples before I ever get to work with them. 

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01. About Me

I’m not all crazy with words so I do my best to keep it simple and straight forward. Feel free to read more of who I am and my approach to photography.

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02. My Work

This is where you can see all my recent shoots and past shoots I had the honor in photographing and being a part of all compiled in a blog structure.

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03. Contact

If you feel some sort of connection here and my work resonates with you then lets connect and create something rad.

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